Pretty Polish: Sexy Divide

This gorgeous purple polish, Sexy Divide, was literally an impulse purchase while checking out at Ulta, and I love it! It is the perfect deep purple, and a fabulous alternative to black polish. But as gorgeous as it looks on its own, I just couldn’t resist adding the sparkle of an accent nail!

I’ve been eyeing this sparkly pack of Martha Stewart glitters for a while now, so when I had a 40% off coupon for Michaels, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to pick them up!


Buying glitter polish just to do accent nails was getting kind of pricey even if the polish was only $2 (unfortunately most were not), so this glitter set is an excellent alternative. There is enough glitter here, in so many beautiful colors, to last me well through the accent nail trend and after I can use it for crafting!

Applying the glitter was much easier and less of a mess than I had anticipated. First, I swiped my nail with a top coat then sprinkled on the glitter. After waiting for the glitter to dry, I tapped my nail on a hard surface to shake off any loose pieces, then applied two layers of top coat to seal it. Although it still feels a bit rough, the glitter has not chipped at all, even after 4 days.

I am so excited to get creative with the rest of these colors soon!


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