How to Wear White Jeans for Fall

3 Ways to Wear White Jeans for FallWhite Jeans are definitely one of my style must-haves, but they are definitely not just for Spring and Summer. I want to share how to wear white Jeans for Fall and break the ‘no white after labor day’ rule, without looking silly.

Styling Tips
The key to making your white jeans work for Fall (or any season for that matter) is pairing them with seasonally appropriate pieces. By staying away from light, flowy pieces, and reaching for chambray, leather, plaid, and leopard instead, white jeans will look fresh, crisp and definitely not out of place in your Fall wardrobe.

Image Sources- leather jacket | chambray | layers

11 thoughts on “How to Wear White Jeans for Fall

  1. Amber, lots of People think White Pants can only be worn in the spring/summer time but as you also Show it is so versatile and can be easily tranformed to fall with the right layering techniques. I totally love the leather Version, it Looks so edgy and just phenomenal :-). You have such a great blog and have a new follower via Bloglovin 🙂 would so appreciate if you find the time to check out my blog as well 🙂


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