How To Manicure… Gold Flecked Nails


When I originally saw the inspiration image in a magazine, I was instantly drawn to the mani (although I guess I was supposed to be looking at the bag!). I’ve played around with gold leaf on my nails before, but never really liked the finished product… until now!

Rather than making the nail look like one solid sheet of gold, like I’ve tried to do in the past and always ended up with chips, this mani is intentionally chipped making the gold leaf application much easier.

Here’s the step-by-step…

1   I picked up gold-colored leaf at my craft/hobby store. This package was $8.99. This might seem a little pricey for a mani, but there are so many sheets in the pack and you use so little for your nails, there is more than enough left over for other projects!

2   Take a small area of the gold leaf sheet (slight bigger than your nail), and with tweezers, remove little pieces of the leaf. This will give it the flecked appearance on the nail.

3   I painted my nails with 2 coats of nude polish to get even coverage. Then I painted only one nail with top coat.

4   When the top coat has almost dried, take the gold leaf sheet and press it on to your nail. (When you touch the top coat, a finger print should be left behind, but if it smudges, then it is too wet and the leaf won’t stick.)

5  Press down any gold leaf sticking up and remove from skin.

6  Apply top coat as necessary, and voila!

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