How to Choose the PERFECT Flat Iron

Buying a flat-iron is not a difficult thing to do. Just stop in at Target and you’ll see AT LEAST 10 for sale and ranging in price from $15 – $200! In the past I have always picked $20 – $30 flat irons, which to me is a decent amount of money to spend, but have never really been happy with how they straighten my hair. Lately I have been determined to find a better flat-iron with all of the BENEFITS of a Chi or GHD but without the HUGE price tag.

Here are ALL of the things I wanted from the PERFECT flat-iron.

1. Squeeze Sensitive Plates- My BIGGEST pet peeve with other flat irons was how it would tug and even pull out my hair if I squeezed the flat-iron together too hard! With squeeze sensitive plates, there is give and springy-ness which means NO PULLING!

2. PTFC Dual Ceramic Plate Heaters- PTFC Ceramic Plates generate infrared heat that straightens hair with minimal damage by straightening the hair from the inside out. Dual Heaters ensures the flat-iron will maintain a CONSTANT even temperature, rather than fluctuating every time the flat-iron is opened and closed. This eliminates hair damaging hot spots.

3. Actual Temperature Adjustability- Choosing a flat-iron with actual temperature adjustability (look for a large range such as 180-420 degrees) means more accurate styling. 370 degrees is the average temperature to straighten hair, but if you have THICK hair you may need to go higher. THIN hair may need to go to a lower temperature.

4. Swivel Cord- For me, a swivel cord is ESSENTIAL! I hate when the cord gets all tangled up every time I move the flat-iron from one side of my head to the other.

5. Cute Color- While all of the previous requirements are important, having a PRETTY flat-iron is the #1 PRIORITY!

Hope this list helps when you’re trying to pick up a new flat-iron. There are definitely more features that flat-irons have, but for me these were the basics that I wanted. Check out my post, I LOVE… MY GVP CERAMIC FLAT IRON, to see the flat-iron that I ultimately purchased using this check list.

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