Hi and welcome! I’m Amber and I’m so glad you’re here!

Style/fashion/clothes have always played a big part in my life, hence the reason I started Real Girl Glam in 2011. I wanted to showcase what I loved to wear, but quickly got sucked into the ‘blogging trap’. I felt pressure to always showcase the latest ‘it’ bag/shoe/color/whatever, and stopped dressing for me.

That’s when I created ‘Building a Wardrobe You Love’. The 4-part guide was based on how I cleaned out my closet, defined my personal style, and basically changed the way I looked at clothes.

You see, I believe that getting dressed everyday shouldn’t be based on the latest ‘who wore what’. It should be about what makes you look and feel your best, and that is what Real Girl Glam is all about.

I am here to help you simplify your closet and help you look good and feel confident in everything you wear!

If you’ve got a style question, please Contact Me. I would be happy to help!

xo, Amber