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How to wear a BOLD lip {Even if you’re not a lipstick person}

Whether it’s on the runways, magazines, blogs, or streets, bold bright lips are everywhere! It’s an easy way to add an instant pop of color to a look and bring brightness to the face. But if you’re not a regular lipstick wearer, a bold lip can be daunting!

Even if you’re more chapstick than lipstick, you shouldn’t shy away from this fun lip look. With the recent addition of lip tints and balms to the beauty market, bold lips can be worn by anyone!

Why I like lip tints & balms over lipstick:

  • More moisturizing to lips
  • Goes on smoother than lipstick
  • Semi-sheer color – Easily build color to go from subtle to bold, as you get more comfortable with the look

Here are three of my favorite lip tints & balms:

 taste Lipsurgence – $24 | Revlon Lip Butter – $7.50 | Clinique Cubby Stick – $16

Both the tarte Lipsurgence and Clinique chubby stick have a crayon-like tip that provide a more accurate application than a regular lipstick. All three come in a variety of shades (Revlon Lip Butter has 20!) so you will definitely find a bold lip color that looks great![pinit]

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  • Mandy @ in the fashion lane Monday 3.12.2012

    Everyone keeps talking about the Revlon lip butter. I may break down and go get one. I love lip tints way more than lipstick too! I am just not a big beauty product girl.

  • Amy@ At the Pink of Perfection Monday 3.12.2012

    The Revlon stuff is fabulous! I have three colors and will get more!

  • Fashion By Alicia Monday 3.12.2012

    Great tips! I am scared of a bold lip because I feel like I look silly. But I have been wanting to try the Clinque Chubby Sticks so maybe I will now.

  • Amy@ At the Pink of Perfection Monday 3.12.2012

    I’m interested in the Clinique! Thanks for posting Amber!

  • Meghan B. Tuesday 3.13.2012

    I have to say I wasn’t impressed with Revlon Lip Butters…They didn’t work well for me. I like using Lip Stain with chapstick over it if I’m not breaking out the lipstick.

  • Kristin Wednesday 3.14.2012

    I’m intrigued by that lip butter!

  • Kaitlin Thursday 3.15.2012

    I have fallen in love with the bold lip colors this spring. I am wanting to try out my new coral Estee Lauder lipstick! I’m a little nervous, but I’m going to go with it ;)

  • RealGirlGlam Monday 3.19.2012

    Don’t be nervous, I’m sure it will look fabulous! It might take a little getting used too, but coral is a great color that is very flattering.

  • Rebecca Thursday 3.22.2012

    I love these tips. I want to wear lipstick, but I always feel a little overly-dressed when I do, if that makes sense. I’ll be trying those colors you mentioned, though. They look great!

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  • Pamada Thursday 3.22.2012

    wow, i really like the clinique chubby stick. i’ll have to check that out!!

  • Kiara Friday 3.23.2012

    Hey girl, we are fellow IFB Links a la Mode features. Thought Id stop by and follow your blog. Love this post I always try to rock red lips but can’t seem to get use to them. ;-)

    Would love to keep in touch.

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  • Sianna Tuesday 3.27.2012

    The colors look great! I especially love the tarte hot pink color. Tried a bold color lipstick recently and couldn’t get used to my look xD

  • RealGirlGlam Tuesday 3.27.2012

    I totally understand how you feel. It took me a while to get used to a bold lip, especially with red (I’m still not completely used to it!) I love these alternatives because you can layer the color.

  • Jennifer Thursday 3.29.2012

    I’ve heard really great things about all three products, especially the Clinique Chubby Stick. I may just have to go pick one up! Thanks for the great recommendations :)

  • Christine Wednesday 2.27.2013

    Love this! The Revlon Lip Butter is so nice!

  • Amber - Editor, Real Girl Glam Thursday 2.28.2013

    I agree! They are such a great way to add a hint of color.