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Floating Polka Dot Manicure

Floating Polka Dots ManicureNude nail polish can feel fresh, clean, and simple or make you say ‘why even bother painting your nails’?! I, for one, lean to the ‘fresh & simple’ side and love a nude mani. But I can never leave anything plain, so I decided, why not throw some polka dots into the mix!!

Here’s What You’ll Need…

Floating Polka Dots Manicure - What you'll need

+ Nude polish that closely resembles your skin tone {Here’s a wide variety of nude shades}
+ A basic white polish or add a summer neon for a neon + neutral look
+ A dotting tool – Got this guy off eBay (only $1!!), but could also use the head of a pin or bobby pin

Start with two coats of nude polish, then break out the polka dots!

Floating Polka Dots Manicure

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  • Kate Thursday 9.19.2013

    I have the hardest time with polka dots but that tool would really help! I love the look you made here. That’s super cute.

  • Amber - Editor, Real Girl Glam Thursday 9.19.2013

    Yes, this little tool makes dots SO easy and the kit comes with several different sizes.

  • Rochelle Thursday 9.19.2013

    I LOVE this and seriously can’t wait to try! I’ve been looking for a fresh new nude mani, and this if so fun and chic. Great job!

    Theyll Never Know

  • Amber - Editor, Real Girl Glam Thursday 9.19.2013

    I so glad you like it!! As much as I love my bold colors, sometimes you really just need something simple & chic. If you try it, please post a picture on Instagram & tag me!

  • Simply Sabrina Thursday 9.19.2013

    I would have never thought to do this! Super cute, thanks for the inspiration!

    Simply Sabrina

  • Kristin Thursday 9.19.2013

    That is amazing…Will you do mine? Ha!

  • Camila Deribeprey Thursday 9.19.2013

    This is so awesome and you make it look easy & actually possible, specially for a person with such a lack of nail art talent, such as myself. will definitely five it a go!

  • Amber - Editor, Real Girl Glam Thursday 9.19.2013

    Trust me, it really is easy!! The dots definitely don’t have to be perfect. Definitely something you could do!

  • Sarah {Raving Fashionista} Tuesday 10.1.2013

    I am the WORST at doing my nails and any attempts at nail art fail miserably, but that little tool looks like it’s so easy to use maybe even I could have cute nails like this!